Cap-Gripper is the easy to use grip wrench kitchen device tool designed for seniors and arthritic hands to remove caps and lids from jars and bottles.
Cap-Gripper is uniquely designed for one-handed operation, thanks to the patent-pending thumb wheel that easily tightens the belt strap. All other strap wrenches need two hands to hold and tighten the strap. This is difficult and can lead to accidents.
Cap-Gripper is available in three models, two for lids and one for bottles.
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The large Cap-Gripper is an all purpose kitchen gadget for opening bottles and jars with tight lids.
Mini Cap-Gripper is especially developed as a convenient travel model. Its compact form fits in any purse to help open stubborn tamper-sealed caps on sodas and water bottles. Mini Cap-Gripper avoids this frustration.
Bottle-Gripper is a unique new way to hold the bottle while loosening the cap. See Bottle-Gripper link for more details.

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